Do you have artwork?

If you don't have art work one of our graphic artists can help you design a logo or imprint. Contact us HERE for help and more information.

Does your artwork meet requirements?

In order to print your logo clearly, and size it to fit the imprint area of the item it is going to be printed on, your artwork must be a vector file that has been created it in one of the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. We accept vector-based .eps, .ai, .pdf. When you create and save your logo in one of these programs, you then have the ability to re-size it without compromising the original image. When your artwork is vectored, it can be resized to fit within the confines of any imprint area without losing quality of the original image. Often times when you an enlarge an image, you will see it looks pixilated and not sharp. Vectored artwork will allow us to resize your logo and keep it from distorting in any way. If it needs to be made bigger, it will not look pixilated. If it needs to be smaller, no aspects will be lost and it will still be just as legible. This is very important for small imprint areas such as pens.

How do you know if your artwork is vector?

If your artwork file ends in: .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .bmp, .png, or .psd it is NOT vectored. If your artwork file ends in .eps, or .ai it *might* be vectored. Here's a simple way to check.

1. Open your artwork in the program Adobe Illustrator.

2. Using your mouse, draw a box around your artwork.

3. If a bunch of lines and dots appear, your artwork is vectored. If just a box appears, your artwork is NOT vectored.

Note: Opening your file in Adobe Illustrator and saving it as a .eps file or .ai file, does NOT necessarily mean that it is vectored. If you are still unsure please email us the artwork so we can look at it and let you know what you have. You can email it to

What if your artwork is not vector?

Our graphic artists can re-create simple artwork in vector-based format for a one-time charge of $20. You will be provided with the vector file that you can keep for future printing needs. If you are still unsure about your artwork please email it to us and we will be more than happy to take a look.